Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us or chat with us online.

What should I wear?

Most of our participants wear athletic/workout clothing. We only require rubber soled shoes. Since attackers don’t care what you wear, neither do we, something comfortable is highly recommended.

Where can I buy products?

Outside of our website, most of our trainers will have safety toys available for purchase. We also participate in a lot of events as vendors. By purchasing the items in person, you save on shipping.

How do I redeem voucher?

Our third party site for registering for class(es) is Eventbrite. To “zero out” your balance, please use the discount code: VOUCHER

No local instructors?

Need safety, will travel! We are willing to travel to conduct the training. Travel and accommodations are an additional fee, but we can come to you. Complete our ‘Book A Class‘ web form to get an estimate.

How long are the classes?

Our basic self-defense classes are 60 minutes. If you choose one of our signature programs/workshops, the times range anywhere from one to four hours.

Is this a workout?

Although you may sweat in a Divas In Defense class, we teach self-defense not kickboxing. Therefore, it is low impact and is not consistent cardio.

Is one class enough?

Keep in mind, self-defense requires repetition to build muscle memory for you to react without thinking. Our recommendation is a minimum of four (4) classes. Therefore, take a look at our Fierce & Fabulous Series of classes.

Will you train onsite?

Absolutely! Most of our classes are privately booked by groups or individuals. With that being said, we conduct a majority of our classes on site. Depending on the distance, there may be an additional surcharge for travel.

Any rates for non-profits?

Yes! Be prepared to submit your 501c3 tax-exemption letter if requested. We understand NPO budget constraints and may accept an in-kind sponsorship in lieu of a portion of the payment. Unfortunately, we do not offer free classes; we recommend contacting your local law enforcement agency.

What are group prices?

Since we customize our programs specifically to suit many groups, there are a few factors in quoting class prices. These include, but not limited to: the number of participants; the length of the class; type of training/presentation. Complete our ‘Book A Class‘ web form to get an estimate.