Too Hot To Trot


Too Hot To Trot


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Product Description

Whether you’re running, walking, hiking or skating using the Wrist Saver pepper spray allows you piece of mind while working out. Developed by top professional, world champion athletes, the Too Hot To Trot packs a safety punch with its unique light weight neoprene design.

The Too Hot To Trot holds a ½ oz. pepper spray bottle with the hottest pepper formula on the market today. The Wrist Saver’s pepper spray, extracted from cayenne peppers, creates an intense burning sensation on the eyes, skin and throat and can cause an attacker’s senses to temporarily shut down and give you time to get away. Too Hot To Trot’s easy-twist lock top and wrist holder allow for easy accessibility and the ballistic stream can spray attackers from up to ten feet away in as many as 10-20 short bursts to keep you at a safe distance.

Keeping you safe while jogging at night , the Wrist Saver features highly reflective edging and an LED light that enhances your visibility from as far as one mile away. The Too Hot To Trot ID card also holds all your emergency contact information in case of emergency.