20 Things Everyone Should Know About Bullying

20 Things Everyone Should Know About Bullying

Everyone knows bullying happens. But did you know that bullying hurts everyone – even the bully? Here are 20 important things to know about bullying and what you can do to stop it from happening.

1. Bullying is when someone says or does things to hurt another person.

2. Hurting someone one time by mistake is not bullying. But doing it over and over on purpose is.

3. Kids who bully may tease other people or call them names. Kids who bully might put others down or leave them out of activities.

4. Kids who bully can hurt others by hitting, kicking, shoving or chasing them.

5. Kids who bully may send hurtful text messages, email or photos, or post them online.

6. Both boys and girls can be victims of bullies.

7. There are lots of reasons people might bully others. Kids who bully may think bullying will make them more popular.

8. Scaring or hurting others may make kids who bully feel powerful.

9. A kid who bullies others might be getting bullied by someone else.

10. Someone who is bullied may feel scared, sad, depressed, worried, lonely or angry.

11. Someone who is bullied may not want to go outside or to school.

12. If you are being bullied, stay with others. Bullies usually don’t pick on people who are in a group.

13. Stand up to the person who is bullying by telling them to stop. Then walk away.

14. If you are being bullied, tell an adult you trust – a teacher, parent, principal or friend.

15. If you tell an adult and they don’t help tell someone else. Sometimes adults don’t realize how serious bullying can be.

16. If you see someone else being bullied, don’t ignore it.

17. Help the person being bullied and get them away from the bully. Then help them tell an adult.

18. It is not tattling when telling an adult keeps you or someone else from being hurt or helps you feel safe.

19. Someone who bullies another person may lose his or her friends. Many kids don’t want to hank out with a bully.

20. Kids who bully can get into serious trouble for hurting others.

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