How We Got Started

Divas In Defense® was started by two brothers who witnessed domestic violence first hand. They are now fathers with daughters and significant others in which they’ve pledged to prevent the violence, which was witnessed by them, against as many women and girls as possible.

The Mission

It is our mission to empower women of all ages with the training and tools imperative to their personal safety and the safety of their families. Through fun, instinctive learning; women gain the knowledge to protect and arm themselves while gaining confidence to be Fierce & Fabulous!

Our Vision

To educate and empower females around the world by drastically reducing violence against women through our Passion For Protection.

Training Program

Divas In Defense offers an all-in-one solution for women’s self defense. We have self defense, non-lethal weapons and firearm training available.

We are Divas In Defense, a defensive training group designed for women. We provide fun and energetic courses specializing in self-defense, non-lethal weapons training, and firearm safety and training. The courses are geared toward females aged 7 and older.

Divas In Defense emphasizes physical empowerment to help protect and bolster self-confidence in women.

We host clinics nationwide, as well as provide on-site corporate and private sessions. Divas In Defense corporate and private training sessions include specialty training seminars and presentations.

Whether one is an athlete or not-so-active, a businesswoman or student, shy or confident, our courses educate and promote awareness. We build self-esteem in females and give women the physical and mental tools needed to protect themselves from the dangers we face today.

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