I am a mother of a very active and beautiful teenager. I wish I could go everywhere with her; but I can’t. My husband and I sent her to a Divas In Defense class to give her some self-defense skills. She gained confidence and I gained confidence that she knows how to handle herself in many situations. I plan on doing their kicks and cocktails class with my girlfriends soon. I highly recommend them.

Adrienne P.

Divas in Defense is by far one of the greatest self defense programs. The trainers are awesome and the classes change some of the weakest women into warriors. It helps build confidence and allows you to no longer be victims of abuse.

Nichelle J.

After attending Divas In Defense I felt self motivated and power. All women should take this class often. I can’t wait to get my “Kicks & Cocktails” party together with Divas In Defense!

Dash H.

Learned so much in this class. I took it with my friend and we are so thankful! Thanks Chris!

Nini S.

I am a 19 year old young lady who had the wonderful opportunity to take this class. It teaches you a lot and also how to be aware of your surroundings. This class helps women to feel empowered and still be beautiful that is why the name fits perfect. If you have not taken this class yet I strongly suggest you should. Every woman should know at least the basics. You will not regret it and will truly learned a lot.

Dolly B.