Thank you for your interest in our Certified Instructor Program. You have taken the first step to Get Paid to Kick Butt. Our Certified Instructor Program is a self-defense system for women and girls encouraging and empowering them to be Fierce & Fabulous™. From the athlete to the not-so-active, the businesswoman to the student, and the shy to the confident; our courses educate, promote awareness, build self-esteem and give females the physical and mental tools needed to detect, avoid and escape potentially violent situations.

Divas in Defense was started by two brothers that witnessed domestic violence first hand. Their pledge to prevent the violence they saw extends beyond their daughters and significant others to as many women and girls they can reach. We provide fun and energetic courses specializing in self-defense emphasizing physical empowerment to help protect and bolster self-confidence.

As a Divas in Defense Certified Instructor you will train women and/or girls with life saving tools needed to protect themselves from the dangers we face today. In this packet you will an overview of our Divas in Defense Certified Instructor Program. Are you ready to get certified?



This is a business anyone can do with the right mindset and dedication. You don’t need any martial arts or fighting experience. You don’t need a degree or any special education. You don’t need any expensive equipment. All you need to get started in this lucrative business is our comprehensive certification program and a passion to help women from being victims.

You may be thinking to yourself, “but I know nothing about self defense.”

Relax. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Not only that, we’ll show you how to turn yourself into the”go-to” self-defense instructor in your community.

The option is yours! Most of our trainers complete their online training online. In addition, you can either do partial training via one-on-one streaming video instruction or come to one of our in-person training sessions.

The majority of our trainers have none or limited previous martial arts instruction. The self-paced online training with or without one-on-one video conferencing takes approximately four to six weeks to complete. Those who choose to come to our in-person sessions usually complete in less than two weeks.

We offer a turnkey business model to attract clients and effectively run the Divas In Defense program in your area. The program is simple to learn and to teach; it comes to you with the assumption that you have no prior self-defense training and walks you through everything you need to know, step-by-step.

However, if you’re already a fitness trainer, former police officer, teacher, or retired military, you’ll quickly see that you’ll already have a head start to success. In our turnkey system, you’ll receive everything needed to ensure the success of your business.

These are the benefits included with your training package:

• We will equip you with the electronic marketing tools and business documents in order to aid you in establishing and protecting yourself as a Divas In Defense® Certified Women’s Basic Self-Defense Instructor. These include an electronic copy of our brochures, and use of our logo
• You will receive access to our instructors’ online business resources as well as an electronic copy of our comprehensive Instructor Manual and Business Basics Manual.
• You will receive operation guidelines based upon what has worked successfully for our Certified Basic Self-Defense Instructors Worldwide.
• You will have rights to use our name, logos and promotional materials in your own business.
• Bio and Photo listed on our corporate website to promote and grow your presence.
• An Official email address.
• You can return for a refresher training at a 50% discount.
• You are welcome to attend any of our traveling workshops, Kicks & Cocktails events and more.
• Discounted Pricing on $3,000,000 Aggregated Limited Liability Insurance Coverage
• Monthly training and sales calls.
• Promote events on the Divas In Defense® Official Website and social media.
• Corporate leads for opportunities in area.
• Phone extension on corporate phone line.
• Specialized Reseller pricing on Shock ‘Em Girl products.
• Starter package of business cards and marketing materials.

For a nominal investment of $2499, you can be on your way to making thousands of dollars per month conducting self-defense classes and selling non-lethal weapons for women and girls. In addition, you will learn how to run and market your new Divas In Defense business in your immediate market. If you choose to take the installment option, there is a one-time installment fee of $199.

To apply, please complete or Divas In Defense Certified Basic Instructor Application here.

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