88 Year Old Woman Attacked and Robbed in Atlanta Home Invasion

88 Year Old Woman Attacked and Robbed in Atlanta Home Invasion

“I thought probably he was going to kill me… and I’m thankful he didn’t,” Mary Jackson told Channel 2. “I asked the Lord to take care of me through the night. So far he has, and I’m thankful for that and I trust Him.”

The incident started about 4 p.m. Thursday when Jackson heard a knock on the front door of her home in rural western Paulding County, authorities said.

“I come to the door, and there wasn’t anybody there,” she said. “By the time I turned around, he was knocking at the back door. That should have told me something.”

Jackson did not know the man. Speaking to her through a screen door, the man told her he was having car trouble and asked to use her telephone.

But as they were talking, the man suddenly forced his way inside, roughed up the woman and took her alert call button so she couldn’t summon help. She sat on the floor helpless as the man rifled through her belongings.

“I looked right in his eyes and I saw meanness in there,” Jackson said. But, she added, she also thought of the man, “He’s lost.”

Read the complete story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.

What To Do Before You Open Your Door…

If anyone comes to your door and requests assistance, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR! Offer to call the police or a family member of the individual.

A police officer comes without you calling, call 911 and verify the badge number of the officer prior to opening the door.

Should a technician from the cable, electric, gas, etc. knock on your door, contact the company and verify the employee.


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