Bump- and- Rob: The Car Scam is Back

Bump- and- Rob: The Car Scam is Back

You have just clocked out of work, might have stopped by the ATM and now you are heading back home. All of a sudden you feel a bump on the back of your bumper. Now, it wasn’t too hard of a hit to injury you but it was hard enough to make you want to step out of you car to take a look. As you step out you are confronted with a robber. You start to have sorts of thoughts going through your head – are they robbing you for your money, your keys and car or even worst YOU!

You Just Don’t Know. This Blog will introduce you this Scam Alert that not only is going on now but will become more prevalent as the holidays approaches.

What is “ Bump-and-Rob”?
Alleged robbers would drive up behind a vehicle, bump the rear of the car just enough to make the driver stop and get out to check the damage

How to avoid being “Bumped and Robbed”
• Drivers must pay attention to their surroundings. Robbers sometimes target people leaving banks or even leaving shopping mall.
• A stranded motorist is a prime target for a criminal. Stay IN your car as you call for help on your cell phone. If you hang a white rag on the side-view mirror (a distress signal), beware of predators – like hyenas spotting a lame antelope.
• Law enforcement recommends that if you do get bumped on the road, signal the driver to follow you to a public place and jot down their license plate if you can on the way there.
• Early-morning drivers not to get out of their vehicles if bumped from behind.
• If someone bumps your car at night, it’s probably best to stay in your car and call the cops instead of getting out to deal with it yourself.

Keep in mind at all times
• Predators know that they can get your keys, car, and cash (and maybe want you too) whenever you’re in or near your car. While going to or from your car, make it a habit to hold pepper spray at the ready. Also have a personal security alarm (noisemaker or screamer) – or keep your thumb on your car key’s Emergency Button to blow the car’s horn.
• If you are bumped by another car, look around before you get out. Make sure there are other cars around, and then check out the car that’s rear-ended you and who’s in it. If the situation makes you uneasy, stay in the car and insist on moving to a police station or busy, well-lighted area to exchange information

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