The Purple Pocketbook

The Purple Pocketbook

With a mission to change the world one app download at a time, Alicia Carr has developed an app that has the ability to save lives. Alicia Carr, born and raised in New York City now Georgia resident, has known since a young girl that she wanted to be a computer programmer. While Alicia and her family were living in Germany on a military base, Alicia began to take apart old computers, fix them then putting them back together. She has had multiple occupations that involved technological literacy, including administrative assistant and help desk supporter.  As Alicia was employed as an administrative assistant, she found a young man to mentor her on how to develop apps.

Alicia’s mentor gave her the idea of developing an app to assist women in abusive relationships. Alicia immediately connected with the idea since she had seen domestic violence first hand. Unfortunately, Alicia watched her mother, family members and friends fall victim to domestic violence. She was motivated to memorialize her best friend, Catina, who lost her life while attempting to end an abusive relationship. Alicia decided to combine her new learned skills and long- time passion for domestic violence prevention to create The Purple Pocketbook App.

Alicia chose The Purple Pocketbook because the color purple represents domestic violence prevention, and the first thing a woman grabs when she leaves her house is her pocketbook. Also women carry a variety of resourceful items in their purses, similar to the variety of resources located on the app.  The Purple Pocketbook App was designed to help women strategize an exit plan when women decided leave a domestic violence relationship. The app provides multiple resources such as location of shelters, Georgia state laws and hotline numbers. When asked about the intentional impact of The Purple Pocketbook, Alicia responded by saying, “I would be grateful if I can save just one life.” In the future, Alicia plans to grow and develop The Purple Pocketbook Foundation. Alicia’s foundation intends to follow the same mission as her app, but with a team behind her. The Purple Pocketbook is available for download in ITunes and Google Play Store for free.

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