Girls Can Fight Too! (GCFT)

A physical, emotional and psychological enriching self-defense system designed for girls ages 4 and up. We implement real-life scenarios in our training to better prepare our girls for the dangers society present. We are careful and meticulous in conveying societal dangers and issues girls in this demographic face. Our program not only prepares these girls not to be scared, it empowers them to have heightened self-esteem, confidence and fight obesity. 

I’m A Girl – I Can Fight Too!!

Young Divas deconstruct gender roles, expectations, and stereotypes. We help them think critically and assist making decisions on how to look, act, and be based on their individual thoughts and feelings rather than on societal expectations. Young divas learn the historical origins of stereotypes, how to think critically, and the importance of seeing people as individuals will help them challenge stereotypes. They also learn self-love and first response techniques to protect themselves.

Bullying Prevention & Healthy Friendships

Our young Divas define a healthy relationship; set boundaries for themselves in relationships. They learn to use alternatives to language that hurts others and use language they are proud of helps facilitate effective communication and can help them avoid conflict. In addition, they are trained to defend themselves from bullies.

What/Who Are Your Supports & Internet Safety

They identify family, community, and school supports to assist with being a Fierce and Fabulous Girl That Can Fight Too! Young Divas learn about potential dangers of the internet; plan how they will stay safe when using the internet. We discuss cyber predators and identity theft prevention.

I Am Worth Fighting For

Empowerment and personal value are instilled in this segment which introduces young Divas to application of learned techniques in real-life situations. The young Divas grasp the importance of personal safety, awareness and boundary setting in their day-to-day lives. The best way to avoid danger is to realize it before it happens. The final course in this four-part series expedites response time and teaches situation awareness in society.

The course concludes with a Girls Can Fight Too! Certificate of Completion. Girl Scouts WILL RECEIVE four (4) patches. One for each of the four part series.

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