Kicks & Cocktails (K&C)

An on-site, fun-filled two-hour course for your group which includes a complete self-defense class, pepper spray and stun gun training, as well as tips customized to your group’s activities. Learn invaluable, life-saving tools and techniques to protect both you and or your family. We travel to you, when and where you want instruction. Hostess responsible for refreshments.


Why Kicks & Cocktails?

Our Kicks & Cocktails course trains women to at width and depth to their personal and situation awareness. By learning to actively consider negative possibilities before they transpire, our Divas are given a competitive advantage over would be assailants. These life-altering tips are a giant leap into reducing the chances for a possible attack, robbery or assault.

Divas will also learn hand and leg strikes to use if threatened. These strikes, combinations and releases are pertinent in allowing vital seconds to flee or escape. The course is then completed with non-lethal weapons training to teach proper use of stun guns, pepper spray, batons in more in combative situations.