La-Vawn Simons

My name is La-Vawn  and as a dental hygienist of 18 yrs , I enjoy giving individuals the ability to smile with confidence.                     As you would imagine,  I have been along the journey as I have watched the majority of my female patients go from the toddler to teen girl , to the young lady , to the now grown woman.  Through growth , many have made life transitions, such as going abroad to college and independent living, as they embark into new territory.  Yes, many are often excited about the new venture , but hesitant as well. That smile of confidence is replaced by worry of the unknown, and are they going to be protected and safe.
I know this to be true as I was once in the same situation.  To regain the confidence level, I believe  the structure of a  self-defense program can be beneficial . The feeling of being secure and to protect yourself  are indeed two benefits,  but the empowerment you receive is priceless.  I am truly excited and I look forward to rebuilding the confidence link by being able to teach a skill that can last a lifetime.  I am proud to be a Diva In Defense Instructor and to all my future divas, I just want to say “Smile diva and let your confidence shine”.