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Fear, A Commodity

Fear sells. Fear makes money. The countless companies and consultants in the business of protecting the fearful from whatever they may fear know it only too well. The more fear, the better the sales.

The words delivered by Daniel Gardner, The Science of Fear, speaks volume. Modern day media promulgates a fear unique in itself. From break ins to murders, to assaults and dog attacks; we are force fed the nuisances of commercialism through daily rituals and information.

Now to remove my bitterness when it comes to how our capitalist society undermines the importance of disseminating positive news; it helps promote our business and our Passion for Protection. Yet, I wish there was an equivocal amount of news inspiring society as there was destroying the fabric of “togetherness.” With movements like #BlackLivesMatter utilizing social media to express independent views, mainstream media funded by “sponsors” remains the premiere catalyst to influence buyers and voters.

I challenge you, America! Although technology controls our daily lives, take the time to get to know someone “new” on a personal level. When I say new, I mean an individual outside of your immediate neighborhood. This solicitation to building new relationships, undermines the misconceptions forced upon society by major media outlets. Let’s rid ourselves of the power of fear to influence our spending, the power of forcing “U.S.” to keep up with the Joneses.

“Love thy neighbor as yourself.” (Mark 12:31)