Cole Parker


As the oldest sibling in a single parent household, Cole took on the responsibility of the protector of the house. At a very young age, he witnessed firsthand the inability to protect a loved one while realizing she could not protect herself. While attending Virginia State University, Cole became a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity where the values of the protection of womanhood became imminent.

Fast forward a twenty years, now a Marketing Guru and Serial Entrepreneur, Cole is Atlanta’s go-to-guy for Small Business Development and Rebranding. Divas In Defense became the brainchild of Cole when his brother presented an idea that evolved in to a multi-national organization. Cole implemented the Get Paid to Kick Butt campaign for aspiring entrepreneurs to operate the Divas In Defense system in their area by becoming Certified Divas In Defense Trainers. He is a profound advocate for women’s safety.