Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is an exciting holiday for many families. Unfortunately, with all the fun comes the responsibility of making sure our children are safe. Here are a few safety tips to help make sure this Halloween season is a fun and safe one for your family.

1. Use glow sticks or flashlights to provide light for your children to while walking. This will also make them more visible to everyone else.

2. Adult supervision is important during Trick or Treat hours. Children under 12 should not trick or treat without an adult present.

3. Tell children not to enter a stranger’s house.

4. Make sure children wait to eat any candy collected until a parent or guardian is able to examine the candy collected.

5. The Halloween season provides families the opportunity to revisit the “stranger danger” talk.

6. Tell your children to avoid cutting through alleys and any unoccupied areas.

7. Stay on sidewalks or walk facing the traffic as far from the road as possible.

Have a safe and fun Halloween from the Divas in Defense Team!

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