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Seven Safety Tips for Runners

Whether you are an avid runner or preparing for an upcoming 5K or 10K for a cause, it is important for you to always keep your safety at the forefront of your routine. Here are seven simple safety tips to ensure your safety on your run.

CHECK IN. Make sure you inform someone of your run time(s) and estimated ending time. Letting others know and checking in with them relives the worry.

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Different situations present themselves often. For your safety, a cellular phone is detrimental in case of emergency.

BE SEEN. It is imperative in both day and night running to be visible to others, especially drivers. Be cognizant about your running outfit’s ability to be seen in high and low light conditions. Always assume drivers can not see you, therefore go out of your way to be seen.

HEAR ME NOW? Unplug at least one, if not both, of your ears from headphones when running. Considering your hearing gives you a completely different perspective of your surroundings, you will be more likely to recognize impending dangers by listening.

I SEE YOU! If you are running near moving vehicles, it is best to run facing traffic. This gives you an opportunity to avoid being run over by seeing if drivers are paying attention or driving erratically.

SAVE A LITTLE BIT. Keep in mind, if you are attacked you may have to run and/or fight back. Do not exhaust yourself where you will be unable to do either. When leaving it all on the track, store a little reservation for the just in case situation.

STICKS AND STONES DO BREAK BONES. When running, it would be best to have a weapon of some sort to defend your self against potential attackers and animal attacks. The Too Hot To Trot is a non-evasive pepper spray for runners and the Knuckle Up allows you to be electrifying with a runner-friendly stun gun. The Brutus and the Attitude Adjuster both are designed for easy hauling while running.

Divas ROC with Kicks & Coffee

Saturday, January 25th 8:30am-10am, kick off your morning with self defense.

(For Immediate Release) Refreshments and empowerment will be served this Saturday, January 25th 8:30am-10am, at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa. Held at 3402 Piedmont Rd Ne, Atlanta, Fierce & Fabulous Self-Defense is an introductory, hand-to-hand combative training program. With one in six girls estimated to become a victim of attempted or completed sexual assault by the age of 18, Divas In Defense, since 2010, has been dedicated to its mission of empowering women with the training and tools imperative to their personal safety. Saturday’s Fierce & Fabulous Self-Defense introductory is being hosted at ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa, bringing the first Kicks & Coffee.

Divas In Defense believes in the mission of ROC House, a woman’s fitness center and spa that is solely “geared towards the empowerment of women and their over all health. They’ve gone over and beyond to obtain machinery specifically designed for women” says Skye Walton, Director of Client Relations (Divas in Defense). As the first of event of 2014 for Divas in Defense, Walton hopes it is a catalyst for many more Kicks & Coffee to come; “I hope women come out for the camaraderie, the sisterhood, and to gain the right techniques to protect themselves,” Walton. Register for only $35 at divasindefense.com

About ROC House Fitness & Spa

ROC House Women’s Fitness Spa is nirvana: a well-rounded shelter that seeks to physically, spiritually and emotionally eliminate the stress in women’s daily lives. Founded by former NBA point guard, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, ROC House Fitness ask women of all sizes, ages and shapes to involve them in their commitment to a lifestyle of health, beauty and wellness. The Spa is located in the premiere Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. For more information, visit www.rochousefitnesspa.com

About Divas In Defense

2010, Divas In Defense was started by two brothers, Cole Parker and Christopher Britto, who witnessed domestic violence first hand. They are now fathers with daughters and significant others pledging to prevent the violence which was witnessed, to as many women and girls as they can. Divas In Defense is helmed out of Atlanta, Ga and Beverly Hills, California.